Rome wasn’t built in a day

I can feel you judging the title of the blog. Stop that. I’m running out of Rome-related titles.

Ciao a tutti!

It’s been hot this week. Really hot. Like, nearly forty degrees. Too hot for me. Which is why I’m sat at home in my nice air conditioned room, writing to you :)


The first thing I want to update you to is the ‘Essere David Lynch’ party that we went to, which was surreal. It was essentially a party where everyone was wearing David Lynch masks. David Lynch, if you didn’t know (I didn’t) is a famous director and looks like this:



See what I mean? Possibly not from that last picture because it’s really difficult to see. It was weird, but a lot of fun.

Matt came on a final visit to Rome last week as well. I had to study for my final exam whilst he was there which was a bit of a bummer, but on the plus side the weather was really nice, so we did a lot of wandering. We got to go to Trapizzino, which I’d been wanting to try for ages, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s basically bread (but, like, really good bread) with your choice of filling. Matt had hunter’s chicken and I had pumpkin, almonds and pecorino – they were both delicious and great value. The suppli (which are fried balls of rice with cheese in the middle and are so bad for you but so good) were the best I’ve had in Rome so far.


We also went for an amazing dinner at Mithos to celebrate the end of exams which was great and another example of my life revolving entirely around food #noregrets

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset





One of the many great things about living with Martina is that I get to tag along to a lot of parties or events that I wouldn’t otherwise get to go to and at which I’m often the only foreigner (so I get to see wild Italians in their natural habitat… Italy). One such party was on June 29th, the festival of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, on a rooftop terrace from which we were able to see the fireworks from St Peter’s Basilica and also the ones that follows from the much smaller St Paul’s Basilica.




I adore fireworks, it was a beautiful evening and there was a band playing folk music, so it was pretty great :)

The last thing I have to tell you is that Bernard/Garcia finally flew away. We went to feed him one day and he had vanished, but we know for sure that he flew away because we see him sometimes flying around from our balcony. We can pick him out easily because he still has a different voice from the other seagulls, he’s still grey instead of white and he’s still a terrible flyer. We actually raised a seagull. We are the best mothers ever.


I know you can’t tell, but that’s him!

That’s all for now folks, until next time, un bacio,

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 21.19.55

2 thoughts on “Rome wasn’t built in a day

  1. I Guess I won’t get out to see Rome before you come back Annie – I desperately wanted you to show me around but my diary always seems to be full these days! Enjoy your last few weeks! Hope to see you soon! Lots of Love. Brilliant Blog once again! xxx


    1. I’m sure we can come back together at some point! Love you lots, can’t wait to see you in a few weeks :) xxx


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