Rome Is Where The Heart Is

Ciao a tutti!

That time has come. My final Rome update. It’s happening.

First things first: it’s still hot. It’s hotter here at 10.30pm than it is during the height of normal British summer.


Second things second: brunch. All of the brunch.



It’s been an eventful last few weeks. We discovered Micah P. Hinson on Spotify and coincidentally he happened to be playing a small concert at Monk, so of course we had to go. It was a lovely warm evening and I enjoyed the music, but I had quite a shock when Micah came onto the stage because although he has this wonderful deep voice when he sings, he looks about thirteen. He was also high as a kite and between songs took great delight in explaining (in English) his theory that our world leaders are all undercover fascists while the Italian crowd laughed in appropriate places whilst obviously not understanding anything. He mentioned that he was selling special records after the gig of which there are only 500 in the world and that are only being sold in Rome, and in my tipsy state I thought this would be a wonderful birthday present for someone (who doesn’t read this blog so it will still be a surprise). I sort of regret buying one now because Micah was actually kind of a dick. I went to his vinyl stand afterwards started rummaging around for the right change; his assistant went to hand over the record to me and Micah stopped him, saying, “No, wait until she’s paid us before you give it to her,” which I thought was really rude. I don’t appreciate being called a their, least of all by someone who bears a strong resemblance to my little brother. I’m sure he saw the error of his ways when he has to endure my icy stare before I stalked off. Feel my wrath, Micah, feel my wrath.


I have no photos of Micah so here are my sunglasses

Another concert we went to (which I much preferred) was Emanuela and Valentino’s. They’re both so talented and their set list somehow contains so many songs that strongly remind me of certain times in my life: Michelle, La Vie En Rose, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Heart-Shaped Box, Neunundneunzig Luftballons, and The Dog Days Are Over to name a few. This concert was even more special because they added ‘Container’ by Fiona Apple to their collection, a song that already reminds me of my time in Rome, and they dedicated it to un’amica che parte (‘a friend who’s leaving’ – that’s me, by the way). At the end of the concert, a lot of people were wishing me a bon viaggio (have a safe trip) instead of alla prossima (see you soon) and the sting of leaving has started to flare up a bit.



Our song! :)

We also went to another cute rooftop party where there were homemade cocktails and pasta, a squishy sofa and fairylights. The guys had to wear straw hats and the girls flower garlands – our flower garlands are going to be put to good use again on our Tuscany road trip next weekend… It was a cute party and we had a gorgeous view over the rooftops and the mountains as the sun went down.







11659310_10153447883979844_6133349282306237793_nDamn beautiful olive-skinned Italian goddesses making me look paler than I am

It’s been a week of glorious sunsets, in fact. Martina and I have watched the sunset from the beach twice in the past two weeks, and of course the photos don’t do it justice, but they were both spectacular.






I also braved the foreign hairdresser experience, which, if you’ve never done it, I can assure you is absolutely terrifying, especially if you’re having your hair dyed. All in all, my experience was a good one; the hairdresser was nice and we even chatted a bit. I ended up with my hair a little shorter than I wanted it which is a shame as I’ve been trying to grow it, but the hairdresser explained to me that taking a bit more off will help make my hair look thicker, which he was right about. I also ended up with it slightly lighter than I’d originally hoped (I’m trying to stick as close to my natural blonde colouring as possible), but either I’ve got used to the colour or it’s toned itself down a bit because now I think it looks ok. Plus, it cost less than half of what it costs me when I get it done in Northampton. So, as I said, a good experience overall :)


This weekend Martina, Isa, Emanuela, Valeria and I are off to stay in Martina’s dad’s house for a couple of days before I leave on Monday. I’m so excited to relax in the sun (it’s going to be forty degrees…), swim, eat, drink and try to speak loads of Italian. My Italian has improved so much but it’s still not as good as I’d hoped it would be by now. My accent and pronunciation are generally good (according to Italians who might just be being nice) but I still struggle with a lack of vocabulary and make silly mistakes. My conversational skills are ok, but I struggle when it comes to recounting stories and have to string together more than two sentences at a time. I also recently realised that when I get back to England, half of the things I’ve learnt will be useless in a university situation because they’re all swear words, Roman slang or insults. Ooops.

That’s all for now folks, I’ll update you after our trip to Tuscany!

Un bacione,

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 21.19.55

One thought on “Rome Is Where The Heart Is

  1. Have fun in Tuscany I will be thinking of you with envy I absolutely loved it and will go again one day! xxx


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