10 ways to annoy people when you return from your year abroad

Study abroaders have a bad rap. People don’t like us. With this in mind, what’s the point in not reminding people on a daily basis that we’re a million times more cultured, intellectual, experienced and intelligent than they will ever be?

Here are 10 ways you do everyone a favour and justify the fact that they now find you incessantly irritating…

  1. Deliberately say foreign words in the middle of an English sentence as if by accident. For example, “He’s so louche”. Optional: you could continue as if you didn’t even realise you used a French word, or alternatively you could justify it by saying something like, “Sorry… it’s just a word that doesn’t really translate.” Or you could pretend to that you forgot the English word because you’re just so used to your new language. To get really good at this, read A Crash Course in Franglais.
  2. Make tenuous links to steer the conversation back to your year abroad. “Bread? Oh, that reminds me of this time when I was living in the South of France…”
  3. Pretend to have to convert prices to euros to know the value. “Right so £6 per drink, that’s about 4€… yeah this was definitely cheaper abroad..”
  4. Use the 24h clock. What time is it? “Nineteen o’clock.”
  5. Have loud skype conversations with foreign pals in another language.
  6. Watching foreign TV or radio programmes and laugh obnoxiously at the jokes to prove you’ve understood it.
  7. Constantly compare the UK to your host country. “Oh I just can’t stand Starbucks after living in Rome, the coffee is atrocious.”
  8. Post on facebook in a different language. Post statuses, comment on your friends photos, share articles; do whatever it takes.
  9. Drag out your year abroad for as long as you can on Instagram. It’s a well known fact that #tbt was invented for this purpose.
  10. Continue posting on your year abroad blog even after your year abroad has finished. Um…


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