All quiet on the Austrian front

SPOILER ALERT: Nothing interesting is happening.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back in Austria after going home for a few days over half term, during which time I finally went inside St Paul’s.


I discovered Bitmoji right after we had afternoon tea and consequently made mine obese

On the bus back to Rohrbach after a very early start, I sleepily noted that in the ten days since I’d left Rohrbach for the final weekend in Linz, pretty much all the snow had disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. The weather fluctuated a little over the next two weeks, but half of the days very definitely had the promise of spring in the air.

Without Emma and Bryony, life in Rohrbach is quiet. It’s good in a way, because I busied myself last term with spending all my upcoming paycheques of 2017 in advance and am now struggling to pay myself back. I am instead busying myself with less costly things: running, reading, YouTube videos, extra conversation classes for my students, my German class twice a week, an extra German tandem once a week, Jessica Jones, writing scholarship applications, doing overtime remotely for the office I worked at over summer.


Other than that, the fortnight’s events can be summed up pretty quickly.

I now no longer hang out with anyone my age, because they’re all an hour and a half (and 20€ of bus travel) away in Linz. Moreover, I either spend my time with Eva and Willig and their family…



Willig’s 75th birthday party was a wild one


Eva and Willig behaved like the true Austrian grandparents they are and took me out for coffee and cake with ‘the best view over Mühlviertel’. This was right before Willig showed me his collection of pigeons. I don’t even know.

…or their four year old great grandson, Lukas, who has stolen my heart and refuses to give it back. Not that I want it or anything. He’s adorable.


My boys

I thoroughly enjoyed feeding my students Marmite this week and unfortunately didn’t think to film it or take photos – the reactions were priceless. My German class is dragging, but my German is getting better, mistake by painful mistake.

And that’s really all there is to mention from my return to Austria so far. I’m busy every day with work and various projects, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there’s nothing much going on in Rohrbach. Saving money is a serious business.

Until next time, auf Wiederschauen!

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