The Sugar Diaries: Day 2

9:30am Wake up, make coffee. Have no food in the house except 3 overripe bananas, some old spinach and a can of chickpeas. Use some of the Huel I bought when I had my wisdom tooth taken out and couldn’t eat solids to make a smoothie with the banana and spinach. Huel has sweeteners in it and is technically against the rules, but needs must.

10am Check the packet of the microwave rice I ate for dinner yesterday. Sugar is listed as an ingredient. Feel guilty. Throw the remaining rice away. Feel guilty and wasteful.

12pm My fourth visit to the Apple store this week. An incredibly handsome Genius (their actual job titles, apparently) flashes me a dazzling smile and my hard drive fixes itself as if by magic. He doesn’t even have to touch it. I am in and out of the store in 5 minutes. Feel stupid and head to Sainsbury’s.

1:30pm Starving dash around Sainsbury’s like supermarket sweep. Realise I have become one of those people who stands in the aisles reading the backs of packets – urgh. Also, why does everything from tinned vegetables to seasoning contain so much sugar???? Am pleasantly surprised when my entire shop comes to just £20.21.

2:30pm Have a poached egg, spinach, cherry tomatoes, hummus and wholewheat flatbread for lunch. Friend comes over and we drink lots of tea and eat the ‘blue maize chips’ he brought over which, even though they only contain three ingredients, are a dark purple colour. They are delish. Start to wonder if I haven’t just switched out sugar for salt. Hmm.

7pm Boyfriend comes over and we cook shakshuka for dinner which is basically vegetables, chopped tomatoes and eggs. It’s delicious. Boyfriend tells me chopped tomatoes are full of sugar – on inspection, they are, but nothing added (to these ones, anyway). Maybe that’s why I’ve had no real cravings yet?

11:30pm Going to bed. Am hungry. So far, a sugar-free diet consists of salt, eggs and hunger. Must be doing something wrong.

Star rating: ★★★

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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