The Sugar Diaries: Day 3

10:30am Wake up late. It is glorious. Make tea and another Huel smoothie – sorry, but after all the food I’ve wasted, there is no way I’m throwing out those brown bananas and spinach and all they’re good for now is Huel smoothies.

1:30pm Put off making lunch until I’m starving because I don’t want to face food preparation. Lunch is always my least favourite meal – I wish I didn’t have to bother with it, to be honest. End up having a weird mix of spinach, peppers, cherry tomatoes, a wholewheat flatbread, a spoonful of hummus, some soft cheese and a slice of boiled ham. The peppers taste almost unpleasantly sweet. Feel full after I’ve eaten and it was definitely tasty but have an annoying nagging feeling of not being satisfied. On realising this, my mood takes a downward turn, so I make a cup of tea. What else can I do?

3pm Eat some oatcakes, something I would have previously disregarded as a disgusting diet food and now think of as a delicious treat.

4pm Go to the gym. Fanny around on the treadmill for 40 minutes. It’s boring but I feel good afterwards.

6pm Cut up carrot sticks to take to a friend’s. Feel wholesome and pure, how I imagine Deliciously Ella feels every day. Arrive at friend’s an hour late.

7:30pm Eat salad, olives, camembert, blue maize chips. It’s wonderful. Find out that there is sugar in gherkins. This is awful and very unfair. Friend makes me an espresso martini and other friend checks the ingredients for Tia Maria online and assures me I’m ok. Only after I’ve had one and a half does she tell me she was lying. She is a good friend.

Midnight On the bus home, decide I need to really get it together tomorrow and have no more slip ups, accidental or otherwise. Really want some Tangfastics.

Star rating: ★★

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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