The Sugar Diaries: Day 4

10am Wake up. Can’t face another Huel smoothie so have shredded wheat with half an apple and proper coffee. This is my favourite breakfast anyway so feel happy.

11am Writing a half-arsed article for the university newspaper about how the way we consume news has changed. Am unqualified to write this. Bad mood threatens.

2pm Lunch is homemade lentil soup (not homemade by me, I should add) and a wholewheat flatbread. These flatbreads are going down a treat.

4pm More oatcakes. I actually really like them. Have also had lots of tea today and am almost too hydrated for my own good – keep needing the loo what feels like every five minutes. Doesn’t help that every time I get up to wee I think, oh, since I’m up now, I might as well make a cuppa…

5:30pm Go to the gym. 40 easy minutes.

7pm Eat leftover shakshuka with spinach and (you guessed it) another flatbread. It’s yummy but I’m not satisfied. Rummage around the kitchen. Eat a small lump of cheese before finding the dates. Have two with peanut butter while watching TV with housemate. Feels like (and I hate myself for even thinking this about dates with peanut butter) a treat.

8:30pm Grumpy. Want sweets. Even had to give away my almond yoghurt, for Christ’s sake. Is nothing sacred? Make mint tea. Am in a spectacularly bad mood.

9:30pm Catch sight of myself in the mirror. Is it just me or is my skin looking exceptionally clear and glowy? Mood takes a turn for the better. Maybe this will be worth it after all.

Star rating: ★★★

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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