The Sugar Diaries: Day 6

10am After a good breakfast (the usual), I make it into uni on. time. I know, everyone was shocked, especially me.

12:30pm Lunch of a tuna sandwich on brown bread and an apple. Friends all have cake. It looks good but I feel fine.

2pm Flat white. Yaaaaas.

5pm Eating cashews and my new favourite snack, oatcakes. The cashews taste sweet. What in fresh hell…?

7pm Dinner with dad and brother. I am dreading any kind of diet talk with them. We are having a curry. I eat a popadum (not allowed) with some of the garlicy yoghurty sauce (the least sweet of the sauces but still almost certainly not allowed) to quell any incoming comments about not ordering bread or rice. I have chana masala. I wait for the jeery comments about me not ordering rice or naan… that don’t come! I can’t believe it. Polish off all of my curry – feel very full.

8pm Have a glass of red wine. It stains my teeth. Ew.

9pm Train home. I feel sick.

11pm Home and the sick feeling has worn off. Amazingly, I actually feel quite peckish again (!?). Tell myself I must be imagining it because I just ate about five cans of chickpeas. Go to bed with tea.

Star rating: ★★★★

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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