The Sugar Diaries: Day 8

9am Wake up from a bad dream feeling glum. Have breakfast – shredded wheat and blueberries. I love this part of the day but I’m sorry about how boring it is to report. Look up my hunger symptoms over coffee, find several sources where other people have experienced the same constant hunger. I guess this is withdrawal. Grim.

11am Am in love with today’s guest speaker. Spend the next two hours giggling about it on the group chat. Get peckish and eat most of my afternoon snack – it’s oatcakes and cashew nuts, obviously.

1pm Heat up rice with roasted veggies and halloumi from the other day. Buy a flat white. Yuuuuum. Friends all have cake. I’m so unfazed by the cake that I don’t even really notice how little I noticed I wasn’t having any until three hours later.

4pm After next lecture (again, in love with the lecturer. Is this a withdrawal symptom? If so, I like it). Eat an apple on the way to newspaper editorial meeting. Two people show up. This is a great turnout.

6:30pm Feminist book club. There’s always cheese and wine at book club but as I arrive it strikes me that I might not be able to eat the crackers! Disaster threatens – but never fear. Lovely feminist book club leaders have provided us not with crackers but – you guessed it – oatcakes. Merrily eat cheese and have two glasses of red wine.

9pm Arrive home. Am – incredibly – not hungry despite having not eaten a proper dinner. Haven’t not been hungry in a week. This is a turn up for les livres. Take advantage of this by making tea and going straight to bed.

Star rating: ★★★★

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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