The Sugar Diaries: Day 11

9am Up. Breakfast. Coffee. Happy Sunday.

12pm Run an ‘easy’ 3 miles when I was supposed to run a ‘difficult’ 4. Oh well.

1:30pm Rush to make avo on toast with cherry tomatoes because I’m running late. Some salted almonds. Yuuuum.

2:30pm Treat myself to a latte on the train. Really need to stop doing this for the sake of my bank account.

4pm In Basildon visiting boyfriend. Happy as Larry (and I’ve heard he’s a happy guy).

7pm Boyfriend cooks dinner – roasted veggies, couscous, turkey and halloumi. Yuuuuum of the highest order.

8pm Get some news that makes me feel a bit funny. All emotional reserves are used up trying not to burst into tears, so when boyfriend offers me a Gü cheesecake for dessert I eat it without protest. This is definitively Against The Rules and the most sugar I’ve eaten in 11 days. I don’t enjoy it (I barely even taste it) so does it count? (It definitely does).

9pm Two gin and slimline tonics. Sad.

Star rating: ★★

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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