The Sugar Diaries: Day 13

8:30am Wake up. I have a metric shitton of things to do today, so naturally I go back to sleep.

10:30am Breakfast. Proper coffee. Best time of the day. Yum.

1pm Housemate comes into the kitchen where I have been installed for the past 2 and a half hours reading Publishers’ Prize submissions. She makes an amazing hearty lunch of pork curry, mashed potatoes and sprouts. Feel like I’ve recovered from a cold that I didn’t even have.

3pm Revitalised, I clean my room, change my bed, do my washing and finish reading and marking submissions. After a sad few days, I get hit with a triple whammy of good news – another acceptance for a work placement and good marks on two assignments. It’s like the universe is trying to apologise for aforementioned bad news.

6pm Feel very sad. It’s the first time so far that I seriously consider breaking this stupid sugar fast and packing it all in – I’m thinking specifically of a white chocolate chip Sainsbury’s cookie that would definitely make me feel better for ten minutes. I only just resist, and mostly because I can’t be arsed to walk to Sainsbury’s.

8pm Galentine’s day at friend’s house. I take carrot sticks and hummus again because I am boring. We have alcohol-free wine (which doesn’t list sugar as an ingredient but it’s so sweet that it must have some in). I also take brown pasta and friend makes us a veggie pesto pasta bake. It’s heavenly.

Star rating: ★★★

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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