The Sugar Diaries: Day 14

8:30am Awake for proper breakfast and coffee before going to the dentist. Woe is me.

1pm Eat a homemade salad at university. The salad consists of spinach, cherry tomatoes, beans of various varieties and falafel. It’s yummy. Teeth hurt too much from the dentist to eat my apple.

3pm Flat white, but I get it for 45p so I think this is ok.

4pm Housemate has made sprout gratin. Sounds gross but is yum.

5pm Am invited to friend’s for belated pancakes. Look up a recipe for a sugar free, wholemeal version. It doesn’t look especially appetising. I think about feeling glum over sad news the past few days. I think about the two distinctions I just received in my assignments. I think about the two internships I was accepted for. I think about the 1,000 subscribers I’ve just received on YouTube. I think about flipping pancakes. I think about the fact that it is Valentine’s Day. I think about lemony, sugary goodness. I think about going out in the freezing rain to buy wholemeal flour. Oh, sod it.

10pm Arrive home full of three pancakes and a glass and a half of wine. Feel thoroughly pleased with my decision and have cheered up substantially. Make a cup of tea and go to bed feeling content.

Notes: Cravings are not a huge problem for me at the moment, but I’ve definitely noticed that I crave sugar more when I’m hungry, sad or tired. Not having comfort food is an odd thing. I have also re-read my Sugar Diary entries and bloody hell, I didn’t realise that I drink basically every day. Not good.

Star rating: ★★★★★ (even though I did consciously break the rules. Ooops.)

Wait – what’s this about? So glad you asked. Let me tell you.

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