Ten goals for 2020.

  1. Finish a first draft of The Book and give it out to a few close friends for feedback.
  2. Start putting money into savings accounts: by 2021, have a minimum of £1,200 saved across long-term savings and emergency savings accounts.
  3. Do not buy any books or any clothes in 2020.
  4. Set new fitness and health goals every month. The goals should focus on the process rather than the outcome (eg. ‘work out 4x per week’ rather than ‘run a sub-30 5k’) and aim for 80% consistency.
  5. Visit a new country.
  6. Write a super-ambitious 5-year career plan.
  7. MAKE ART. (A zine, poetry, photos, blog posts, YouTube videos, book reviews, travel articles, podcasts).
  8. Monetise (some of) the things I have made.
  9. Stop apologising and justifying myself. Also, stop asking for justifications from other people. Accept that some things just are.
  10. Employ the growth mindset: place value on effort, learning and consistency rather than the outcome. If the outcome is meh, learn from it and try again. If the outcome is good, be proud, and very proud of all effort and time and meh outcomes that allowed you to get to the good outcome.

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