Corona Journal, 21 April: Day 37

8am Wake up. Time for lessons. Urghhhhh… try to roll over to turn off my alarm and OH MY GOD MY ARSE IS ON FIRE.

8:15am This is all Joe Wicks’ fault.

9am First lesson of the day cancelled, obviously.

9:30am There’s something terribly ironic about finally getting this huge stretch of alone time that I used to desperately crave pre-lockdown, only to spend it plugged in to a constant panic-inducing news cycle.

9:32am Oh well, time to check twitter for the 20th time this morning.

10am Chicory coffee, gross as it sounds, absolutely get the thumbs up from me. It’s really nice but I do think it needs a rebrand – if it had a cool name and better packaging, this would be a marketer’s dream.

10:05am It could be called ChicCoff.

10:06am Hmm. Needs work.

11:30am French lesson. We are doing holidays and I am trying to make K write a packing list. He keeps insisting he wants to take his goat with him on his skiing holiday. I eventually let him, as long as he prends the chèvre with him en français.

2pm Rolled out a huge sheet of wrapping paper, blue-tacked it to the table to stop it curling up at the edges and am using it to restructure ~my novel~ because I am an ARTISTE.

6pm Boyfriend and I are keen to do Joe Wicks’ daily workout again, surprisingly so given how sore we both are. We get our P.E. kit on and load up YouTube.

6:10pm This is even worse than yesterday because I am hurting before I even start.

6:15pm Joe (as his friends call him) is throwing out ‘world trivia’ from a quiz that apparently took him 3 hours to write. Get annoyed when one of the questions is ‘in what country is the Eiffel Tower?’ but then remember that this is supposed to be for 5-year-olds.

6:20pm Next question is ‘what city was I born in?’. Wtf Joe, how is that world trivia?

8pm So glad I got a great workout in and burnt loads of calories. Now time to undo all that work and eat a metric fuckton of veggie chilli and nachos. Mmmmmm. Cheese.

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