Corona Journal, 7 May: Day 53

8:30am I am awake but I really (really really) don’t want to teach today. Have horrible period pains and don’t want to battle with little kids today. But obviously I will because money.

9am Italian lesson with M and we wrestle through the first 6 letters of the alphabet before I let him colour in another police car, which he never seems to get bored of, and then he insists on playing ‘Bakery Bakery’, a game where he shouts different ingredients and I (pretend to) put them in a bowl and mix them together. I am not in the mood to argue with him about it today.

10am Switch off Zoom and look around me after the lesson is over. Wonder how it is possible for a 4-year-old to make so much mess even when he isn’t in the room.


11am French lesson went surprisingly well! A new tactic to keep K interested is to put lots of gifs into the lesson and to repeat the same simple point over and over.

12pm Exhausted. Flop down onto the sofa and watch two episodes of breathy soft porn – I mean Normal People.

1:30pm Flatmate, boyfriend and I are going out on a bike ride. I have never used Boris Bikes before but have always wanted to, and now seems like a very good time given that the roads are so quiet. This doesn’t stop me being terrified, though.

2:10pm We reach the first bank of bikes and I have forgotten my debit card so can’t connect it to the app to pay. The boys grab bikes and head home to get my card while I wait by the bike bank and reply to various messages that I’ve been leaving unread to remind me to reply to.

2pm The boys are back. After a slightly wobbly start from me (the seat was too high and my feet couldn’t reach the pedals), we are off.

3pm Weird seeing London so empty. Borough Market was a ghost town, and that man who usually sits in front of the Shakespeare mural playing the tuba with fire coming out of it (I realise that sentence is a lot to take in if you don’t know who I’m talking about) was gone, replaced my a man sitting sadly on a chair with an empty Costa Coffee cup in front of him.


Unthinkable that I’m not a model, honestly.

3:30pm Stopped halfway round to buy sustenance in the form of water, cans of Tory Fanta and cheese rolls (or ‘cheese rustiques’ as Waitrose called them) to eat by the river.

4pm Nobody in the City. St. Paul’s is completely deserted except for three cyclists sat on the steps eating sandwiches while maintaining a respectful distance from each other. Bizarre.


5:30pm So much fun! We rode 24.5 miles according to Strava. Not bad for a first timer. It was so nice to see some of London, just to check that it’s still there.


6:30pm Home, and starving. I suggest we try the fish and chip shop up the road that we’ve been eyeing up since we moved in two years ago. This suggestion is met with a resounding YES and forty minutes later, we are tucking into enormous portions of not-too-greasy chips and bettered hake.

8pm Time for a brief rest before I log onto Zoom for a family gin tasting session.


10pm All a bit tipsy now and mum tells sister and I that she has sent something VERY SPECIAL to us in the post. She says she knows I’ve said I won’t mention presents on my blog any more but that I have to mention this one by name, so God knows what it is.

I hate to be this person (that’s a lie, I love the attention) but I’ve made the Corona Journal into a newsletter so you can get it emailed to you every day. Each post/email takes 1-2 minutes to read and let’s be honest, what else have you got to do right now? Also, sorry. You can subscribe here.

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