Corona Journal, 19 May: Day 64

8am Didn’t sleep well. Was up all night, staying alert.

9:30am Italian lesson with a very happy M. He is very excited to show me his cars that turn into dinosaurs and back again. He is shocked to learn that I don’t have one of my own, recommends me one he thinks I would like, then asks if we can share them in future.

9:40am We are colouring in fire engines together and to be honest I think we are on a level now. I’m enjoying myself a bit too much.


10am When I tell him it’s time for me to go, he does a big lip smack and tells me ‘I’ve just given you a kiss’ and that’s it I’m dead he’s adorable I want one.

10:10am I am so smitten that I have ordered my own dinosaur/truck transformer piece of plastic crap for £5 on boyfriend’s Amazon Prime account to somehow turn into a lesson. No sooner have I clicked ‘Confirm order’ that I am asking myself why the hell I just did that.

12pm Have finished a fun French lesson with sister, during which I only questioned the value of my French degree once when tried to teach her one thing that was completely wrong about the bloody passé composé which, yes, is the tense you learn when you’re in about year 8. It’s bad that I got it wrong but also why do the French say I brush myself my teeth!? That doesn’t make sense, France.

12:10pm Then again, this is the country who says ‘four-twenties-ten-nine rather’ than ‘ninety-nine’, so I suppose there is no reasoning with them.

3pm Have told friend (Part of Household Friend) that I will be at hers at 3pm, but obviously have taken ages planning lessons for tomorrow and am not ready to leave.

5pm Finally leave. The first Boris Bike spot is just before a big hill, so decide to walk to the next one but take a wrong turn and walk quite a long way farther than necessary before I get to the next one.

5:30pm Find a bike, ride 2 miles and hop off to walk the rest of the way as don’t fancy cycling along Camden Road; even in lockdown, it’s busy enough that my life is flashing before my eyes as I cycle down Parkway.

6pm Arrive at friend’s house just in time for our next Zoom dance class with 2 other friends. God, we are crap at dancing, but it is a real laugh.

8pm She has made crispy duck pancakes and teriyaki aubergine from scratch and ohmigod it’s my favourite thing she has ever cooked, which is saying something.

9pm Plonk down on the sofa to watch Too Hot To Handle, that shit Love Island rip off. Drinking the bottle of rosé I bought from an independent wine shop the other day because I think I’m a bougie bitch (The conversation went, “Hi there, I’d like to buy a bottle of rosé, but the thing is, I don’t really like rosé.” “Ah, I have the perfect one for you, it’s just like white wine!” “Brilliant, I’ll take it.”).


9:15pm Wine is the best, company is the best, TV is the worst (and therefore the best). Je suis un lapin content, don’t @ me.

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